martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013

How do you see with Google Glass?

How does the Google Glass image look like? Most previews show graphical recreations but not real photos. The best way to know is to try Glass but it is also possible to take a photo.

Google Glass projects light into a prism which reflects the image into you right eye. It is positioned over your eye so that you have to look upwards in order to see it. Also, you couldn't focus something so close to your eye. You need to focus at about 30cm away from the glass in order to see the image clearly. And that's how I managed to take the photo in which we can see the time projected by Glass.

The experience is nice and you don't need to close your left eye or make any kind of effort to see the image sharp. You focus it quite naturally. However, it is not like overlaying Glass projection over the real world image. In the photo I show it looks like that because the paper is close enough to be focused as well. If you're on the street and you look at the Glass viewer, everything else will be out of focus. Then you will need to move your gaze and focus the street again: as distracting as looking at you phone's display. The only difference is that you don't need to hold Glass, it is just a kind of a hands-free device.

Potentially it is much more: a camera attached to your head is a valuable source of information for computer vision. If it had eye-tracking it would open the doors to attention-controlled user interfaces. (In the end, eye-movement data will confess).

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